One day I’ll wear that … Part one

Lipstick: Revlon “pink in the afternoon” / Pink sunnies: years ago from a joke shop! / Leopard ring: gifted / Elvis necklace: gifted / Lace mini dress: Save The Children / Jacques Vert pink silk skirt: Salvation Army / Nude fishnet tights: M&S / Fringe boots: Naholita at T.K Maxx

If you are an avid charity shopper/ thrift hound like me then I am sure you can relate to what I go through! Often when you are ratching in a charity shop you will come across items that are so beautiful and such a bargain that you must buy them and you bring them home to lovingly store until that one day you will wear it.

The other day I was sorting through my clothes and decided I would do a photo spread devoted to these lovely clothes that I simply can’t part with because one day I WILL wear it.

So this is the first of my items, a pink silk skirt by Jacques Vert that I picked up for two quid a few years back from my local Salvation Army. I’m not much of a maxi skirt chick, even less of a pink chick but I loved the gold buttons and the fact it was silk.


I paired this with a lace minidress that I actually wear a fair bit in general day to day life. Lace and silk belong together in my mind so was a natural pairing.

You can’t see them in my grainy photos ( I can’t be the only one out here that totally misses the way photographs looked before the digital revolution can I?) but I am having a total love affair with nude fishnet tights at the moment. Fishnets to me are an absolute classic, they will never not be in style and I love the subtleness to the nude pair. Plus, where I live the weather is dramatic so on typical spring days I layer them with nude tights underneath for a little bit of extra warmth!

I styled my hair in a side plait, something plain and simple and although I aint much of a hair gal, it is a style I wear often. I love messy hair and make up if you couldn’t already tell and I think most outfits should always be a bit roughed if you dig what I’m saying?


If I am wearing something loose, top or bottoms, I will always try to pair it with something tight just because I am quite dinky and petite and don’t want to look weighed and swamped down in fabric.


So that’s it for my first item! In general chatty cathyness I had a day off today, kitty woke me up at 5am, 7am and finally at 10am wanting to play. I would have gotten up earlier but was tired/hungover from band practice last night. Today was spent demolishing the shed in my yard as it was ready to drop anyways. Up early to take Vinny to the vets…snip snip!

Until next time cool cats, keep rocking and a rolling.


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