Atlantis City

This is going to be a rambling shambles so heed this warning!

So I, and many others in’t north, got flooded to Atlantis and back in December.  No Christmas,  no dry house but big girls don’t cry as luckily I wasn’t as affected as badly as a lot of other poor unfortunate souls. The house I was previously renting was right next to the flood defences and I won’t be forgetting what they looked like when they failed in a hurry. As the water broke forth over them, my first instinct was to brush my teeth for some reason. I chucked all important things in one bag, which included a few books, my make up and about fifty pairs of underwear. Shock makes you do strange things.

That house was upside down literally meaning that the bottom floor only had a laundry room and a bathroom with stairs leading up to the living room and kitchen. As I high tailed it out of there, I crossed my fingers that the water wouldn’t breech the stairs as I had so many highly sentimental items upstairs, a few lifetimes worth in fact.

For a few days I hid it out in higher grounds and came back to see the damage. Not much was actually lost and insurance covered a lot of the boring stuff, but and I say this with all the luck of a horseshoe,  I was in the fortunate position that I was already in the process of moving out that house and into another so the move just got pushed forward by a month. I say luckily because some of my old neighbours who owned their houses are still not back in them. Six months to dry them out and some of them had internal walls knocked down by the force of the water. Everything we have and own and love can be taken away from us in a heartbeat, nothing is sacred.

Have you ever tried to move house during a flood? Have you ever tried to move house during Christmas? Have you ever tried to move house when half a city is still underwater? Well,  I have and it wasn’t nice. All lovely packing up boxes rules don’t apply, everything was chucked in banana boxes during the short daylight hours and I only had three days to do this. Many arguments happened.  My boyfriend is high strung, his family who helped me out so much, are high strung. It was a totally testing time across the board but I counted our blessings and we all made it through. The city, his family,  us… well we all made it through and now it is spring.

The move was chaotic to say the least and I am still working on getting the house in order and getting my doo dads in order too! So this weekend I put an old glass cabinet to use and filled it with my clothes and finally gave myself a dressing table. When I was talking to my mum about it all she said I was smart to pick up all my make up during the flood as it costs so much to replace and she is right. My attachment to my eyeliner has only grown since then. I will probably never got over that and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Keep roaring, brothers and sisters, we are all strong and powerful creatures who even when pushed to the limit can carry on the good fight x




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