One day I’ll wear that … Part Two


Leopard print body: ebay // Tights: just some bog standard 40 deniers from Marks n Sparks // Boots: Same old fringe boots from T.K Maxx // Cats eye sunnies: vintage – Warwick Bazarr  //Horseshoe earrings: vintage – goodbye, norma jean // Elvis necklace: gifted // Leopard head ring: gifted – goodbye, norma jean // Lipstick: Mac Kinda Sexy with Revlons Pink in the Afternoon

I am in l.u.v with bodysuits and all those leotard type things and kind of always been. I came up in the nineties and can totally (fondly) remember my velvet body and this 1970s-esque one that was burgundy cord with a wide spikey collar. They were good times, man.

So when I was lost deep in an ebay trawl, I came across this leopard print bad boy. It was really cheap, six quid all in and obviously it is not the best of its kind. It is much bigger than it states, it is quite baggy on my ass basically but I may sew it tighter and I don’t mind havin to amend my clothes as it is something I have to do quite often. You know, you find those perfect vintage skin tight jeans that are nearly almost skin tight but they need an inch taken in, ya dig? So at least once a month, something is getting hacked at and sewn. Did I ever mention that I am awful at sewing?


Back to the bad boy at hand.. so the reason I mentioned sewing it tighter is because I might just wear this on stage at some point. A little nod to Beyonce althogh to me, it is more of a nod to Boney M. I might. Maybe. It depends on weather and where we are playing and how much of a fuck I am giving that week.


Vinnie has been grand since his snip snip, in fact it barely phased him and he is back to his daft self. Our bassist quit the band, we kinda could sense it coming but still think it’s bad form as we record in way less than a month and have zero songs ready to rock but we aint gonna let that stop us. Did a interview for a surfing magazine which was a Point Break laugh so thinking that that will surface in the next few weeks. Counting down the days till the weekend ALREADY, band practice tonight with the new bass player  and a friends BYOB BBQ on saturday which is when I will wear this body with my ol faithful levis because the weather has been nice but not that nice.

Let the good times roll, cool cats.


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