Kurt Russell forever


Boots: second verse is same as the first // Snakeskin jeans: vintage, brand unknown but purchased from goodbye, norma jean // Abba belt: gift from the Abba museum in Stockholm! // Plisskin tee: unlicensed goods from ebay // Elvis fire screen: gifted, aren’t I spoilt?

I had my eye on this t shirt for quite a while on ebay and around my birthday time in February,  I thought that I would treat myself and wait for Spring!


I love John Carpenter, he is my second favourite film director eh, I even like his “dud” films and so of course I am on the love boat with Kurt Russell at the helm. Escape from New York is a classic to me and Snake Plisskin is easily the best futuristic cowboy rebel ever written.

Snakes are pretty cool aren’t they and their skin pattern is forever rock n roll in my eyes. These jeans are super comfy and they were a bargain at 8 quid, not sure how long they will last me but at least one summer and a few nights out I think. My jeans always split at the crotch/ top of my thighs where it is impossible to patch back up. Where do your jeans always split?


I just got that Elvis screen as a birthday/ housewarming present and still figuring out where to put it, but I love moving things about my house and changing its layout etc never stop moving like a shark huh!

That’s all for now cool cats, keep rocking and a rollin.


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