Daughter of Rock n Roll II


Fancy shirt: vintage – goodbye, norma jean // Denim bralette: Topshop // High waisted disco pants: ebay // Loafers: M&S but bought through goodbye, norma jean // TCB earrings: ebay // Lipstick: Mac Kinda sexy with Max Factor Angel Pink // Ace of Spades ring: gifted

I know,  I know,  everybody and their son is cramming themselves into bralettes at the moment and may I take a moment to stand up and applaud you because to show so much skin is a huge task to little old me so well done for being fashion brave.


Still not warm enough here for me to not dress weather appropriate,  I had my thermals back on the other day! I am not usually one for showing any skin other than my legs so this bralette is about as “brave” as I will go. I could have done with buying a size bigger but I got it in the sale and they didn’t have my size and I just had to have it. That was with the view that I would hack job sew it tighter in the straps and let out some fabric at the bust. Not that I’ve done that yet mind…


I just wouldn’t be me if my nose wasn’t red all the time, got to love living in the unpredictable north!

This is pretty much how I do my make up everyday.  A lot of people would consider my wings a tad dramatic but I love a big bold thick eyeliner stroke. I may prefer the 1970s clothes wise but my make up inspiration is totally the 1960s. At the moment I am loving the palettes that Make up revolution are popping out. So cheap, so pigmented so good and I highly recommend to anyone who is on the hunt for some new eyeshadows but not wanting to break the bank.


I got these TCB earrings off ebay last year. I always like to wear something Elvis related, he is my style icon and a total dreamboat to boot!



Close up of the shirt fabric including the beautiful buttons! This shirt is about 10 sizes too big for me but I thought it was so fancy and 1970s Elvis that I didn’t care. I usually wear it over t shirts or I tie it at my waist etc.


Now I may upset a few people here but apart from the lipsticks and brushes,  I don’t think mac is all that. I have never had a good customer experience in mac and to me, if I am spending close to twenty quid on a lipstick I at least want a nice customer experience.  I will probably do a full on “bitching about mac” blog post at some point in the future. I got the Max Factor from a make up discount shop in Gretna and it is a lush pink frosty lipstick which I know is low down on the fashion hit list at the moment but to me, a pink frosty lip is as classic as a red one.


My fella has great gaudy taste in gold jewellery just like me so he gave me this ring a while back. We have, oddly, the same size fingers but this was just a little bit big and I like my rings to be snug so LIFE HACK I just wrapped a thick plaster around the loop and hey presto fits like a dream and nobody has noticed the manky plaster yet. Everyday is a school day eh?!


I am still to break these bad boys in yet. I have been referring to them as my gucci loafers and got them at the start of the year. They are tough plastic and I can’t wait to ruin them. I am not much of a shoe gal so when I buy a pair, I fall in love and wear them to death. I have only recently just LIFE HACKed myself and always try to buy two pairs of the same shoe if I can because I just trash shoes!

Kitty is back to normal now, he is wanting more cuddles which I am happy to supply! My fella is off to Iceland next week witn his favva. I could have gone but I wanted to save my money to go to Sweden in September.  Well, it’s another rainy saturday here in’t north and I am off to backcomb my hair and take a stroll.

Keep rocking and a rolling cool cats x


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