Eat, sleep, record, repeat

Heyo brothers and sisters of no mercy!

Where have I been and what have I been doing? I can sum it up in one word: stressin! About a month and a half ago, one month before we were due to go and record the new e.p, our bassist dropped out the band for reasons unknown. So we had to rope in our friend and luckily he was able to pick up the songs super fast and we even wrote a new one to record together.

I work night shift and had loads of overtime so four nights a week I was at work, two nights at practice and one night to curl up into a tiny stress ball.



                  Bad ass Bobby at the helm of his six string axe!

So last weekend we got to recording and it was probably the easiest yet. We always book for three nights but we had done all overdubs by beginning of the second day so we could jump straight to mixing. This was half a blessing in disguise as we are usually pretty hungover by day two and a whole day of overdubbing can work up quite a thirst but as we were essentially done and it was in the more than capable hands of our producers,  we didn’t have quite a thirst for beer as we often do.



                              Stu and Emily, producing power duo.

We’ve been recording at Green Door, as a band, for around five years. The band Bob and Neill were apart of have been recording there at least eight years now and I wouldn’t want to record anywhere else! The studio is analogue meaning you do totally get a richer sound and Emily and Stu are just spot on people and amazing to work with.



                Neillian taking care of thee sick beats

The e.p will get a final mix and master soon and I will do a wee post on here about when it is available, all other links to ASIAN BABES are in my info I think.


         Me and my burd, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, June 2016

So I am also destressing with two lovely weeks off. I have so many murder documentaries and films to watch so have basically spent the last three days hanging out on my sofa doing nowt but scratting and cuddling my cat. It was my first time leaving him alone for a weekend and I missed him so much! I know he missed Bob and I because when we got back on sunday he spent half the day meowing as loud as possible whilst rubbing up against us. It’s good to be home. I lived in Glasgow for a while before I realised that I am not a big city girl. Great to visit but give me the freedom of the countryside and rolling hills anyday.


                     Touroids at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.

I won’t leave it so long for an update I promise. Someone asked me to do a skin care routine so I will pop that up soon as well as a new “one day I’ll wear that” but for tonight I am making home made pizza and a salad using lettuce that we grew ourselves. I’m so hip it breaks. Keep rocking and a rolling all you cool cats!


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