Daughter of Rock & Roll III

Lace scarf : vintage – goodbye, norma jean // Velvet top : Salvation Army

Greetings and salutations all you cool cats!

This will be just a quick post about what I wore yesterday and last night. I got this top, which was actually a maxi dress, a few years ago. I remember it was about three quid, and I got it partly because I have a velvet addiction and I figured it would end up as a Halloween costume.

I tried it on recently and I really didn’t like the cut of the dress. It wasn’t quite floor length, more ankle grazing, and so I figured I would cut it ito two pieces. All sewing work causes me to break out in a cold sweat, earlier this week I had burnt a huge hole into a top after I had sewn a hem along it. It’s hard to be a heavy handed woman sometimes!

I managed it okay I thought but as the dress was around a size 20 ( I am size 6-8) I will need to go back and sort out the sleeves when I am feeling brave.

They won’t let you in the goff club if you don’t have at least one plastic skull in the house.

I tend to wear the lace scarf a fair bit, usually with a brooch in the centre but I just kept it simple and had zero jewellery on. I let my hair down, literally and had a grand night. Been on the sofa all day today! 

Back soon all you brother and sisters of no mercy!


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